Mondial Uberti's: affordable wellness

At the beginning, an innovating vinegar with 34 plant extracts

Specialised in the manufacture and distribution of natural, organic and diet products for the general public and professionals, Mondial Uberti’s is a French family company founded by Louis Uberti, naturopath.

Born in 1925 in Lombardy in the north of Italy, he leaves his country for France at a young age, as his family settles in Alsace. Already passionate about plants and their benefits very early in life, he likes to give advice on their use and usage to those around him, and dreams of s tudying medicine. But war opposes his project, and after the end of the global conflict, he leaves for the United States where he is trained in yoga and diets. On his return to France, he develops his skills at the nutrition school of Bordeaux, and passionately continues his research in healthy nutrition, with the desire of innovating. He also trains in naturopathy and settles in Colmar as a yoga teacher and naturopath. He writes many books on health, plant benefits, relaxation methods and novels about self discovery.

In 1976, he creates his cider “Special Uberti”, with 34 plant extracts (fruit, vegetables, flowers and other plants), that he tests out on his customers. This natural, innovating and efficient product is a success, he decides to expand his range, creates other vinegars, oils and nutritional complements. Louis Uberti then decides to create the company Mondial Uberti’s in 2000, with the purpose of introducing his products to the widest possible public, to the “whole world”, hence the name of the company. Never losing sight of his wish to innovate, he helps the French discover “super fruit”, and for example, one of the first to propose goji berries in the French territory.


Naturopaths from father to daughter

He transmits his passion to his daughter Soraya, who joins the company in 2002. Also a naturopath, she participates in the creation of new products and takes on the management of the company in 2010. Until his death in late 2016, at the age of 91, Louis Uberti remained active in the company, which perfectly symbolises his products with a positive, healthy mindset and boundless energy.

The strength of the company is the presence of excellent knowledge of plants and people, a unique expertise in the creation of recipes and also in the search for new high quality products, true daily sources of wellness. Its goal is to make that wellness affordable to all, by allowing everyone to eat healthily and by communicating on the importance of nutrition for our health.

In practice, this is applied in the creation of recipes - unique, innovative and qualitative - with “nutrimedication” that provides specific benefits, while meeting taste and quality requirements. Mondial Uberti’s can rely on its 15 years’ experience and to even longer listening to the consumers’ expectations, inherited from the years of practice of Louis Uberti.
Starting with only two persons, the company Mondial Uberti’s today employs some ten employees, complemented with 5 sales agents in the field. 95% of its activity consists of more than 60 organic and diet food products (vinegars with plant extracts, super fruit, berries and dry fruit, among others in “snacking” format, cocktails and nutritional “super powders”, Cruberti’s etc.). Other products, for example cosmetics, are added to this


Collaborative concept

More than just vinegars, the Uberti cider vinegars, with numerous nutritional benefits, are manufactured on the basis of cider vinegar (which is not alcohol vinegar), fruit juices, vegetable juices, herbal teas, flowers and plants. Their original taste is a delicious addition to meals and replaces salt by enhancing their flavours. They can also be used in drinks and even externally, with other benefits.

The ingredients are selected for their taste and origins, with of course verification of their conformity with the Organic standards (the company is Egocert certified, and applies the HACCP method), which namely includes thorough analyses on receipt. The suppliers are regularly visited, and selected based on their certification, the quality of their ingredients (size, colour, taste), a geographical implantation in harmony with the origin of the raw materials, their ability of supplying and their responsiveness, with the objective of building a relation based on trust and a durable partnership.

The formulas of the Uberti products - including the vinegars first and foremost obviously - are artisanal recipes developed in house and based on naturopathy knowledge, in order to provide true coherence, exceeding “fashionable effects”. Sometimes these are revisited old recipes, such as for example the famous Vinaigre des 4 voleurs [4 thieves vinegar]. As legend has it, four thieves escaped a plague epidemic by coating their body with this very special plant vinegar. Although this is a legend, its benefits have been recognised for a long time, and it was even registered in pharmaceutical code in 1748.

Because efficiency is indivisible from pleasant consumption, Mondial Uberti’s works with chefs in Alsace who use the company’s products and who propose ideas for recipes. Numerous bloggers also contribute. However, the best information source remains the sharing of info with customers-users, who also propose recipe ideas or new uses for new benefits.

For the packaging, the wish of Mondial Uberti’s was to take the specifications very far, by choosing compostable packaging. Unfortunately, there are currently no supplier who can provide such packaging appropriate to the company’s products. But once it becomes possible, Mondial Uberti’s will naturally make that choice.

The cider vinegar « Spécial Uberti » was distinguished at the Best Organic Products 2015 and the Vinegar « Spécial Uberti » with 50 plant extracts at the 2016 edition. The brand was also rewarded at the SIAL 2014.

Participative management

In its internal operation Mondial Uberti’s has implemented participative management, in the framework of which sharing of knowledge plays a big role. The objective of Soraya Uberti in the mid term is to allow her employees to work with greater flexibility, envisaging developments if necessary, which requires adjustment of tools however.

The core issues on which the company works currently are the work relations and conditions, loyalty of practices in compliance with the company values, and above all anything regarding the consumers, i.e. satisfying them optimally, taking to heart to respond precisely to the slightest requirement.

From 2017, Mondial Uberti’s has decided to particularly invest in human and children’s rights, in close co-operation with the Enfance et Partage association. The health sector will not be forgotten, with a reflection on diabetes.

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