Our commitments to your satisfaction

We join our experiences to achieve perfect synergy of competences. Meeting the requirements of persons and fulfilling their expectations are our motto. Our advisers team is therefore at your service for any information. Our products are made to strict specifications, both in terms of manufacture and control or traceability in order to guarantee the best quality.

Our quality charter

The quality of products: When we mention quality, we first and foremost think of the importance to propose products that comply with our trade: healthy products. They are certified organic, carefully sourced and checked twice with analyses performed by independent French laboratories. We demand the supplier analysis but we frequently proceed with an additional analysis at our charge. To us it is also essential that production, storage and conditioning of the products are done in optimal conditions.
We spend a lot of energy and resources to meet our requirement in terms of product and service quality. We constantly question our practices with the aim of continued improvement.

Our excellent knowledge of plants and people allows us to develop a unique know-how in the creation of recipes and search for new high quality natural products. All our recipes are created by naturopaths in order to provide coherence between nutrition and taste. We are active in the research and presentation of new products and privilege innovation.

Always doing our best: For you, for us and to be coherent with ourselves. Errors are human, but to us it is essential to always do our best, to satisfy you, to evolve, to grow, to make sure we are pleased with ourselves, to continuously be professional, because it not only is an important value in work, but in life too.

Our strengths

Louis Uberti has always been a keen consumer of organic and natural products. In his youth processed products did not exist. When treatments with pesticides and other chemicals developed in the Sixties, he always rejected that type of consumption by becoming a promoter of organic products to his patients and those around him. It is also important to say that he is one of the forerunners of alternative medicine (naturopathy, yoga, magnetism). That provides the company Mondial Uberti’s with a strong and long-standing anchoring in the organic sector and the philosophy of wellness.

We listen: Our customers interest and we are passionate about them as they help us to evolve in a positive way. We privilege sharing with our partners, we love being in touch with our customers.

A super team: The drive, the involvement, the will to do the best possible are widely shared qualities in our team. “Human qualities are as important as know-how” That energy is a powerful impulse that allows the positive and continuous transformation of the company and optimal fulfilment of our partners’ needs.