Oat bowl energy 

Give your day a punchy start by enjoying an energy and flavoury breakfast  with your Energy oat bowl.
A perfect combination of organic oatmeal, superfruits and raw freeze-dried  superpowders with no added sugar. Cranberries, goji berries, ginger... enjoy a burst of vitamins. Naturally rich in iron and omega 3, this mixture contributes to a normal immune system and helps to reduce fatigue.

What is an overnight oat?

The “next day porridge”, the overnight oat or oatmeal, is the ideal full breakfast  for a morning rush.
As well as being a bowl full of energy, it is quick and easy to prepare and doesn't require any cooking.
Its uniqueness relies on its overnight setting which makes it a practical and very healthy breakfast.

Did you know this?

Oat helps to maintain healthy joints, and offers  hormonal, energetic and digestive balance, and also helps detoxifying the body.


Pour 2 to 3 tbsp of Energy oat bowl  into a bowl. 

Cover with plant milk or fruit juice or another juice, warm or cold.