Superfruits cocktail

This cocktail accelerates your well-being! With this delicious blend, you can benefit from the properties of each berry! It contains the best of superfruits:
- mulberries help you fight against tiredness;
- cranberries eliminate water and toxins;
- Inca berries help you to stay slim and in shape;
- goji berries promote energy, strength and vitality.

Ingredients for organic Superfruit Cocktail: White mulberries* (Morus alba - 30%), cranberries* (Vaccinium macrocarpon - 30%)(1), Inca berries* (Physalis peruviana - 20%), goji berries* (Lycium barabarum - 20%).
(1) sugar*, coating agent: sunflower oil*.
* Organic products

Ingredients for conventional Superfruit Cocktail: Goji berries (Lycium barabarum – 30%), white mulberries* (Morus alba – 30%), cranberries* (Vaccinium macrocarpon – 20%)(1), Inca berries* (Physalis peruviana – 20%)
(1)sugar*, coating agent: sunflower oil*.
*70% organic products.

Superfruits 2