Aloe vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera powder (Aloe barbadensis) offers numerous benefits. In addition to being a source of antioxidants, it promotes healthy function of the metabolism of the digestive system, strengthens immune defences and stimulates the body to fight against fatigue. The avonoids, sterols and mucilages that it contains make this plant an excellent detoxier of the body.
Our freeze-dried Aloe Vera 200X (1/200e) powder is carefully processed from the inner fi llet of the aloe leaf, keeping all its active ingredients.

Recommended use: Make your own drinks with our aloe vera powder. Stir 1 level tablespoon (5g) into 1 liter of water and drink 2 glasses twice a day. You can also add it to non-dairy milks, smoothies, fruit juices, vegetable juices... or to your raw meals (cereal, muesli, dairy products, pancakes, etc). Take as part of a 10 day plan, which can be repeated, or as and when it is necessary. Keep your drink refrigerated and consume in 20 days after reconstitution. Keep your aloe vera powder refrigerated after opening.

Ingredient: 100 % aloe vera juice lyophilized* extracted from aloe barbadensis Miller.
*Organic product.

Aloe vera