Kombucha 1

Kombucha with plant extracts

Kombucha is a delicious, finely sparkling and refreshing beverage at any time: after sports, during meals... This original and unique recipe created by Uberti, is obtained through
the symbiotic action of beneficial bacterial cultures and yeasts which have been fermented in green tea and the combination of plant extracts, fruit and vegetable juices. The composition and fermentation method guarantees maximum flavour and a stable culture. Kombucha with plant extracts - Revitalizing / Cleansing

Recommended use: Consume as is or mixed with fruit juice. Served chilled. Keep refrigerated aft er opening and consume quickly. If a film forms on the surface, discard it. This is just the process of continuing the natural metabolism.

Ingredients: Kombucha culture* (12%), sugar* (2,4%), water, soluble chicory*, apple cider vinegar*.
Fruit and vegetable juices: Beetroot*, tomato*, carrot*, black radish*, parsley*, apple*, white grape*, orange*, white grapefruit*, mango*, banana*, pineapple*, apricot*, peach*, pear*, rosehip*, lemon concentrate*.
Plant extracts: Lemongrass*, mint*, woodruff *, orange zest*, yarrow*, green tea*, wild rose*, hop*, mulberry leaves*, raspberry leaves*.
*Organic Products.