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Four thieves vinegar
Apple cider vinegar with fruits juices, vegetables juices, herbs & spices

Stimulate your senses with the intense aroma and flavour of our Uberti Four Thieves vinegar. A unique, camphor-free recipe suitable for all, including children and pregnant women. Our Four Thieves vinegar is made using our Uberti apple cider vinegar with 20 plant extracts, in which we have steeped herbs and spices with numerous virtues, such as thyme, rosemary, mint, garlic, etc.


May contain traces of sulfites due to the fermentation of the apples. 

Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar enriched with plant extracts*(1).
Herbs and spices: Rosemary*, sage*, thyme*, mint*, cinnamon*, black pepper*, garlic*, clove*.
(1)Apple cider vinegar*, soluble chicory*.
Fruit juices: Prune*, blueberry*, apple*, green grape*, orange*, white grapefruit*, mango*, banana*, pineapple*, apricot*, peach*, pear*, rosehip*, lemon from concentrate*.
Vegetable juices*: Beetroot*, tomato*, carrot*, horseradish*, parsley*.
*Organic products.

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Paul furst der doctor schnabel von rom hollander version

Why this name?

A wholesome vinegar rich in history and flavour. It is 1628. The Toulouse region has been devastated by a fresh outbreak of that most deadly of plagues, the Black Death. But the disease has spared four thieves, despite the fact that – busy robbing corpses and looting houses – they are rubbing shoulders with death itself. And yet they are in excellent health! Caught in the act, in order to escape a heavy sentence, the four give up their secret: a sovereign remedy against contagion. They reveal that before setting out to rob corpses, they smear themselves all over with a certain vinegar in which they have steeped a mixture of aromatic plants. The looters had taken the idea for their blend – purloined it, perhaps we might say – from that of Acetum bezoardicum, a recipe invented in the sixteenth century by the Franciscans: wine and vinegar were used in many medicinal preparations at this time. By 1748, Four Thieves Vinegar was officially listed in the French Codex Medicamentarius or Pharmacopoeia(2) and it was long sold in pharmacies as a natural anti septic. Its use over the centuries has revealed it possesses many virtues.

(2)Codex: a compendium of pharmaceuti cal formulae, adopted by the University of Paris.