THE SPECIAL UBERTI VINEGAR with 50 plant extracts

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The Special Uberti Vinegar with 50 plant extracts

This natural, healthy and organic speciality is a real source of well-being. The combination of apple cider vinegar, vegetable and fruit extracts gives the Special Uberti Vinegar amazing properties and unique flavour. It has a positive effect on your body (acts as a fat burner) and your sleep, it softens your skin and reduces joint and muscular problems. Used for massages and in your bath, Uberti apple cider vinegar gives you strength, vitality and energy. For strong, healthy hair, rub your scalp with apple cider vinegar every day. Apple cider vinegar delicately seasons your food preparations and adds a very pleasant scent to the atmosphere. It also stimulates strong growth in plants.

May contain traces of sulfites due to the fermentation of the apples. 

Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar*, chicory*.
Vegetable juices: Beetroot*, tomato*, carrot*, black radish*, parsley*.
Fruit juices: Prune*, blueberry*, apple*, white grape*, orange*, white grapefruit*, mango*,
banana*, pineapple*, apricot*, peach*, pear*, rose hip*, lemon*.
Herbal teas: Apple pieces*, lemongrass*, rose hip*, mint*, chamomile*, tulsi herbs*, marigold flowers*, lavender flowers*, cardamom*, pepper*, everlasting flowers*, valerian root*, nettle leaves*, lemon balm leaves*, licorice*, hibiscus flowers*, St John’s wort*, dandelion greens*, orange peel*, elderberries*, rose petals*, cabbage flakes*, broccoli*, parsley*, carrot pieces*, olive leaves*, savory*, spirulina platensis*, ground nutmeg*.
Plant extracts: White birch*, artichoke*, echinacea*, blueberry*, fucus seaweed*, turmeric*.
*Organic products.

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